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HPV-Linked Cancers Persist, Says CDC (CME/CE)
(medpagetoday.co) (MedPage Today) -- Cancers associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) continue to exact a considerable burden, particularly among women, a CDC report suggested.
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updated 15792 (Medical - Primary Care), inserted 15, updated 0, at 2014-04-18 08:19:27
Articles from: Medical - Primary Care (medpagetoday.co)  Subscribe
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All-Out End of Life Care Gains Favor (more)2013 11 25
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D.C. Week: Delays Mount for ACA Rollout (more)2013 11 24
Gout: The Risks Are Relative (CME/CE) (more)2013 11 23
Lab Notes: Weight Up, Taste Sensation Down (more)2013 11 23
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Sugary Drinks a Factor in Endometrial Cancer? (CME/CE) (more)2013 11 23
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Med Students Count More Wins Than Losses at AMA (more)2013 11 21
Congress Eyes Slew of Public Health Bills (more)2013 11 21
Treating RA in Mom Doesn't Weaken Baby's Bones (CME/CE) (more)2013 11 21
Analysts: Website Looms Large in ACA's Success (more)2013 11 21
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